New Magnus Millang comedy in the works!

Miso Film and SF Studios today unveil one of next year’s best comedies – LIVET MED TANDSMØR – set to open in cinemas on February 21, 2019

The brothers Magnus and Emil Millang just wrapped shooting on their forthcoming comedy, LIVET MED TANDSMØR, a rollicking road trip inspired by their real-life story!

Danish scriptwriter, actor, comedian and director Magnus Millang, working together with his little brother Emil Millang, just completed filming on his first feature-length film. Magnus is the film’s director, and the brothers teamed up to write the script and play the leading roles. It is a dark, feel-good comedy about two brothers who venture on a wild trip through Europe to bring their father’s corpse back home to Denmark in the fastest and cheapest way possible - in an absurdly oversized roof box on top of a very tiny rental car!

LIVET MED TANDSMØR is a buddy film and a deeply personal story. In the film, the brothers travel to Spain to bring their father – who died after a hard life of drinking – back home to Denmark. Going by the letter of the law, only an authorised funeral company is allowed to repatriate a dead body, but financial problems force them to take matters into their own hands. The journey doesn’t exactly go according to plan.

“Our father died in 2014, one day after he came home from a bender in Puerto Banus with a girlfriend. It gives the film a very authentic form. You just laugh more when it’s authentic. It’s a little more grotesque when it feels like something that really happened,” says Magnus Millang. 

Magnus and Emil Millang are celebrities of the Danish comedy and satire world. Magnus Millang has directed TV series and shows including “Mørk & Jul”, “Zulu Awards” and “Hva’ fanden”. Last year he was nominated for an Ekko Shortlist Award in the category Best Manuscript for “Kein Problem”, a film he also directed. Magnus is also known for playing the infamous character Jeppe K in the Danish satire series “Danish Dynamite”, whose catch phrases and laugh spread like wildfire in the mouths of Danes nationwide. Magnus Millang also appeared in Thomas Vinterberg’s “Kollektivet”, as well as Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam’s comedy “Dan-Dream”.

Magnus and Emil have collaborated many times in the past, on both sides of the camera. Emil was one of the driving forces behind “Sjit Happens”, and he directed and played in the comedy series “WTF gør vi med klimaet” and the doomsday show “Hva’ Fanden”. These series marked the first time that the brothers appeared on camera together.

Magnus Millang says: “I’m completely in love with this project – it’s a dream come true. I’ve always had a huge love of the positive synergy that arises when collaborating with my little brother. The inherent potential of two brother characters and our shared childhood have provided the fuel for an unending barrage of hilarious scenes.” 

Filmed in Denmark, Spain and France, LIVET MED TANDSMØR wrapped on August 29. The making of the film can be followed on Instagram (@manolomillang) and will premiere in Danish cinemas on February 21, 2019.

The film is produced by Elise Lund Larsen and Christian Potalivo at Miso Film, with support from the Danish Film Institute and TV2 Denmark, and is distributed by SF Studios.

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Photo: Magnus and Emil Millang / Credit: Christian Geisnæs


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